Cooking: Filet Mignon With Millet Fries

Cooking with Chef Mike Civali from Fleming’s Steakhouse and Bar.
chef from fleming’s steakhouse, mike chivali. how are you? >> good morning. >> breakfast of champions. >> you and i just had a bite of this,. >> these are a whole grain, real healthy. you basically boil off the grain with a little bit of salt and onion and when it cools, you lay it in a pan to cool it and then it gets real, real condensed and when you flip it over, it looks like a big sheet of palenta, cook it with flour, salt, it’s really, really healthy. it’s a whole grain, natural whole grain, organic whole grain. they’ve been eating it for years in south america, centuries, and it’s one of those things to make its way out there. >> talk to us about the fillets. >> well, the fillets we have today are midwestern corn fed, they’re beautful. 6-ounce fillets. when you have a real composed plate like this, you don’t want to go too much bigger, plus it’s 6 ounces. fillet is a lot of straigh



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