Cooking: Fig & Balsamic Glazed Pan Seared Salmon

We’re cooking Figs & Balsamic Glazed Pan Seared Salmon with Flare, A Brick Oven Bistro.
so much, court. let’s head over to the kitchen. >> i’m with jared with flare restaurant, good to see you, jared. salmon today, i have to admit that i’ve had salmon the last two nights, and i loved it. my wife does it with this — kind of likeik this maple syrup glaze thing. if you don’t likeou the fishy taste, it reallye, kind of disguises it. >> offsets with thee sweetness. >> what do you have here? >> we’re doing a fig and balsam ic glazed pan searedn salmon, i figure a sweet dried d figures, simmer them down, cook it down, strain itdo out and nd leaves it with this w really nice, dark s auce here.au >> and over here, we have some of thehe ingredients, what’swh this for, i see rice. i >> this is for the risotto that will go with it, with the t fig and pa n seared salmon.ed >> did i call that rice? >> it’s actually act rice, but the name after it is a a risotto, so you were right on wit



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