Cooking: Father’s Day Lunch

Chef Kyle Ketchum cooks up a manly Father’s Day meal in the Rhode Show kitchen with a delicious poached lobster.
comes to my dad, that the first ingredient listed is beer, it’s going to be a good day. and we’re using beer here for cooking. what are we making? >> we’re goingto do a butter bath, poached lobster, we’re serving that with the sam adams beer, we have leeks, just another onion, they’re very prominent in the spring, cut them in circles and sautee them in butter. as you’re sweating the leeks down, i made a butter bath. the butter bath was a full bottle of beer and i folded if butter and added salt and pepper and we’re heating that up just a little. >> oh my gosh. that looks so good. >> when you get a lobster that comeout and you get that little dish with butter, i want like a big bowl of it. i want the lobster to come out drenched. >> like the swamp monster. >> exactly. >> very cool. what are these? lima beans? >> these are flava beans. >> i said that earlier. >> i missed that. >> i want to



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