Cooking: Enchiladas Poblanas

We’re cooking Enchiladas Poblanas with Chef Juan Leon Agaves Mexican Grill.
kitchen. patrick making en cha lad as? >> yes we are. this is leon from mexican grill. >> good morning [speaking spanish] that’s as far as i’m going with the spanish. what do you got in here? >> well,l, we are — you want to make it rightkeri now? >> no jus t tell me what is in it >> basic use is tony mariaia maria — and this is a i mexican — [spanish ] these kind of peppers are — and a ncho. they are mild. and also this is a sesame seed.ee and some condiments. >> and theny wrapny it up in tortillas. >> yes. and a ricee, beans and sauce. >> s ecret sauce from agauaveua mexicanme grill. >> thank you for coming on the show. we will be back here to cook up theseth enchiladasil in our next segment. find the recipeci online at foxprovidence.com. >>> thank you very much. if you still have ho well well holiday shopping to do, who doesn’t that the point? you are in luck! you’re not going to h



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