Cooking: Duck Confit Hash With Poached Eggs

Chef Joe Hafner from Gracie’s makes duck confit hash with poached eggs.
this is actually a nightmare for our photographer, rick. >> he’s not a big egg guy. >> he hates eggs. as a matter of fact, he’s making right now. he’s got the chills. we say the word egg. so this could be a problem. this could be a work hazard, but — >> i’ll eat his share. >> the man doesn’t like eggs, what do you do? what are you going to do. >> joe, you’re from graceie’s. where is graceie’s. >> 194 in providence. >> and do you like weekend brunches? >> we do to the do weekend brunches. mostly for bridal showers. >> oh, that’s very nice. >> calling you up and bringing this all over? >> we do dinner only but we will do brunch. we’ll do brunch on demand. >> this dish is a duck confit. >> the duck confit — >> is that how you pronounce it? >> that was very good, for an italian boy. >> i’m not french, so i understand. the duck confit, we’ve done that, we’ve poached an egg and put it on top



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