Cooking: Dijon Swordfish

We’re grilling Dijon Swordfish with Rhode Show viewer Cindy Coyne.
for that you brought your husband jerry. how is everything? >> great. >> how long is this dish going to take to make? >> no more than 10 minutes. >> and it’s going to come out super? >> it’s going to come out perfect. >> give me a list of what we’ve got over here, cindy. >> 1 teaspoon of vinegar, two tablespoons of dijon mustard, butter, oil. you can turn off this burner and you can pour each item into there. >> while i do that, elizabeth is over here with a couple of youngsters. >> that’s right. i’m here with the coyne kids. ian, tell everybody how old you are. >> 10. >> where doing to school. >> i go to hampton middle school in barrington. >> what great are you going into in. >> i’m going into fifth. >> how old are you, miss may? >> 6. >> and what school do you go to? [inaudible] >> are you excited about going back to school in you just say yes. what’s your favorite thing to do in summ



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