Cooking: Decorating Your Wedding Cake

LaSalle Bakery shows how to decorate a wedding cake.
real cake. >> this is a real cake. >> i have to h ask you something real qui ck amy, becauseam is it the case that the top tier is usually real and thenre the bottoms are styrofoam?stoa >> that’ s how t we do it at the bakery. >> that’s smart and then the have the real sheet cake in thehe kitchen cut up perfectly, soct everybody gets ay real pieceie of cake. >> and it’s nott sweating. >> that’s true.tr >> because back in the old days, whenen mr. stonehedge here g sot married, the whole cake was realle and they had to take it back for a half-hour and cutf- it up byp hand and came a out and some people gotupped — got jippedpe with cake. and they explained and it’xps like hello, it’s my wedding. >> what are we going to do with this tier. >> we’re going to try to p tut this fondit on this cake. >> do i need to roll a little more? >> you sure do. you’re going to take the rolling pin and put



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