Cooking: Cuban Salad

Cooking a Cuban Salad with Mary Morabito from Cuban Revolution.
full, queen or king size, >> welcome back to “the rhode show”. this morning, we’re talking about crazy diet tips and tricks today and there’s nothing crazy about just having a good old salad, and this is a great value arcs because we’ve got a little bit of protein and fiber in the beans and we’ve got a little bit of lettuce here. chef mary from cuban revolution is joining us this morning. tell me where your restaurant is located. >> the restaurant is located at 50 aborn street and valley street, there are two locations an one is across from trinity rep downtown, if you’re downtown working or going out to the theater, and the other is in onlyville, and has lots of free parking. >> mary, you’ll pardon me and i don’t want to get hit, so i’ll stand away when i ask this question, but you don’t exactly look cuban. >> it’s in there with a small percentage. i can’t tell you how much but i can’t



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