Cooking: Cranberry Biscotti

We’re making Cranberry Biscotti with white chocolate in the kitchen with The Bakery Boutique.
kitchen right now. danielle, we’re making pastries. >> this is just wonderful. i love this time of year, you don’t get tired of theti cookies and the suites. dinah is here from h the bakery boutique, one of our favoritevo cooks, and you wereou telling me earlier you are sort of inf deep, making the cookies and everything for christmas. >> everybody wants italian cookies. we make thousands and thousands of bisco t i and butter balls and our feet hurt, butur it’s’s all worth it whenh they come in. >> it’s fabulous and delicious too, so to the, we’reth making cranberry bisco t i with a little white chocolate on it earlier. >> the start and thert sweet go nice together. >> what do youha have for the ingredients in that. in >> what we have is grand latedd sugar, flour, eggs, this is actuallyac baking powder and salt, almond extract and butter and in the end, we have the melting pellets we’ll



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