Cooking: Coffee Crazy

Daren MacDonald from Tazza teaches The Rhode Show how to make great coffee at home.
from dunkin’ donuts, >> welcome back to “the rhode show”. we’re in the kitchen, trying gourmet coffee. you compare coffee almost like to a wine. that’s how much of a fan you are. what is it about really good coffee that is similar to wine to you? >> just like with grapes, coffee beans grow if soil and different regions of the world. you have different climate changes and also different things that affect the soil, so today, the chef is going to have some floral and citrus knows. >> how many different kinds of coffees are there? >> it’s hundreds. i wouldn’t say thousands, when you talk thousands, you’re getting into teas, but in regions alone, ethopia, i can think of five different varieties of coffee and they all taste different. >> most of the coffee of the world comes from — >> brazil. >> it’s not colombia anymore? >> no. no. >> no donkey. they’re no more donkey? >> colombian coffee i



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