Cooking: Cinnamon Coffee Bundt Cake

Cooking cinnamon coffee bundt cake with Tom and Skip from Gregg’s Restaurant.
show.” in the kitchen this morning, we are baking up some delake-effectible coffee — delectable coffee cake. are we getting the whole thing here, the whole ingredient list or are you going to leave something so we have to come into greg’s? well, you’re giving us the whole shebang, but the reason we come into greg’s is for the pastries and some of the other things on the menu. what do you have there? >> we have a death by chocolate cake. >> that is so good. >> i could eat all 9 pounds. that with a big glass of milk, that is heavenly. that is delicious. >> you have to be careful. ok, it would kill you if you ate the whole thing, right? what else is a great thing on the menu at greg’s restaurant? what’s your favorite? when you have — take something home at the end of your shift, what do you take with me. >> we’re not allowed to do that, but if it happened, apple extrude he will is one of



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