Cooking: Cinco De Mayo Celebration

A Cinco de Mayo celebration with Juan Carlos from Chilangos
on the set. >> you start, i’ll be back. get the hat. >> wait. i love this music. this is great. juan carlos, thanks for coming in this morning. where is your restaurant locate sned. >> 447 madison avenue. >> what are you doing for cinco de mayo. >> we’re going to be throwing a party. >> a fiesta. >> we’re going to be throwing a fiesta with drinks and sepate buffets for people. >> so there will be beer, there will be margaritas. excellent. >> you name it. >> hey. ole! now tell me, juan carlos, what are we making today? >> well, this is a red salsa, a green salsa, an we have sweet potatoes on brown sugar syrup. >> that looks really good. what’s the next step we’re going to here? >> put the chips into the red salsa. >> ok. i’m going to do that. a little hot. >> juan carlos, just to go over again, wile she’s doing that, everybody at home, give us a run down of the ingredients again. >> ok. i



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