Cooking: Chorizo And Littlenecks

We’re cooking Chorizo and Littlenecks with Matunuck Oyster Bar.
providence.com. >> > we are headed to the kitchen with patrick. what are wewe cooking today. >> we have chef bush. they won the best rhode islandan restaurant on the cover raof then co magazine. that is prettyth cool. >> yes, cool. >> what do you have here? >> we are going to prepare one of our appetizers thater we make at thehe restaurant. it’s a little chorizo, and usually we serve that with a side of grilled bread or white wine, it’s like a classic, you know, sure fair, a little it’s always local.ca actually always local around the pond down there. and yeah, we’ree’ going to be doing this at newport wine fest this year. >> august 19th thr>>ough the 21st. st >> you will be there. >> yes. >> because this goes perfect with wine. >> it d ioes. >> how many do you go with the t little necks. >> thousands. an >> thousands. ho >> do you catch a >>break,yo and you — >> no, not a lot of chasin



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