Cooking: Chocolate Lover Recipes

We’re cooking chocolate lover recipes in the kitchen with Dunkin’ Donuts.
e delicious chocolate. >> we have tom brady chocolate. it doesn’t get any better. it’s chocolate lover’s month ander dunkin’ doughnuts duis’ here in “the rhode show” kitchen. we have chef h joe miller and you are making two fabulous recipes, involving chocolate of course. what do you have for our first ir recipe. >> the first recipe is a chocolate coconut bread pudding and we are using some of our triple chocolate muffins, conut milk, regular milk, sugar and eggs to make a custard. it’s great to make, put it in the oven and take with you in the same dish that you bake and then we have something really cool, it’s a little out there, but i t hink you’re going to like it. it’s a cocoa doughnut, with reduced fat cream cheese and strawberries, it’s a great way to start your dayto and end your day. >> are you taking the doughnut and using — >> oh, yeah. y we’re going to t akee it and cut it i



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