Cooking: Chicken Xacuti

We cooked Chicken Xacuti with Kabob and Curry.
“the rhode show.” this morning in the kitchen, we tc have another world of flavorsla winner, from didwi a back an curry to cook their dish with uss today. we’re still working on rkthe onion and chicken mix here.e. >> the next step is it i we’re going to put turmeric in the curry, it will turn itt yellow, all the spices, cumin, turmeric, they have wonderful medicinal powers. in the cooking, when you throw anything inside the pan, it stays in pan. you do not make the t sauce separately. >> so everything cooks together. >> everything cooks together c inside this pan.hi >> ok. >> now what is this dish we’rewe making again? >> this dishdi is chicken xacuti, it is from southwestern indiaou and again inn indi cuisine, there’s a lot ofer regions, a lot of variety, because peopleca use the spices that are available locally in order to — just like regional italianta cuisine, thatat is how i’m sho



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