Cooking: Chicken Saltimbocca

Cooking chicken saltimbocca with Chef Gianfranco Campanella.
my gloves on. i feel like a cut man. >> this is heavy duty. >> set for 12 rounds of action. you’re going to slice mushrooms. >> i’ll get started now. >> these have been washed? >> they’ve been washed. >> don’t worry about it. a sill salmonella. >> am i cutting them this way? >> no, turn them around. >> and just like that. >> just be careful. watch your fingers. >> we’ve got a hot pan going. a little bit of olive oil. dredge that chicken for me. >> what do you mean dredge it? >> season with brown pepper. i’m going to put it in the flour and make sure it’s caked down good and shake off the excess. >> all right. >> take the pan off the heat. >> all right. throw it in. >> whoa. you’re good at that. >> i’m good at spilling things. let me tell you. >> this is going pretty well. >> hey, there you go. >> there’s things people don’t want to do, but they need to be done. >> that’s kind of a microc



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