Cooking: Chicken Pot Pie

We’re cooking Chicken Pot Pie with Newport Gourmet Tours.
kitchen with patrick. what i s going on. >> we haveha chef michael and ann n martini, from the newport gourmet tours, they’ve been with us before. the concept is — you explain toai us. >> very simple concept. good food, good people, good drinks, it’s ks’s fantastic. it’s a walking tour of newport, po we go to about eight stops, you s get food, you get drink, you get cheese, chocolate, you name it, we have it covered. >> you’re on a littleit bit of a hiatus, because walkingki outside, a little difficult.tt >> but we thougeht for valentin e’s day it would be a great opportunity to do something special, so wesp asked all of oural restaurant partners and shops to do a chocolate themed valentine’s day, so that will be on the 12th of february. >> and tonight, or today, this morning, whatever time it is, is chicken pot pie, right? >> absolutely. we’ve got some great ingredients, we’vent got so



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