Cooking: Chicken Kebabs-Grilled Chicken Sandwich

We’re cooking Chicken Kebabs and a Grilled Chicken Sandwich in the kitchen with Gold’s Gym East Greenwich and Pawtucket.
showcase food. f let’s head over to the kitchen with patrick. >> please is a with gold’s gym is here with us and it’s all about healthy brabown bagging it. >> yes. >> what’s wrong withha the peanut butter and jellytt sandwich i have e pack four times a week.ti >> nothing really. peanut butter and jelly all righas long as it’s few preserves, but a lot of peoplefpe eat out because they think itnk takes too long to pack a healthy lunch an d it’s d too expensive, so we want to sanhow you can bake up chicken breast in the morning on sunday, and it takes only anl few minutes in the morning to throw together a lunch that’s healthy. >> what do you have?av >> we have chicken breast,re tomato andto avocado for a side salad, mushrooms,hr pepper, onions for kebabs and mango k salsa and minute rice, it cooks inco the microw ave if one minute, andnu it’s a nice high fiber, high vitamin kind of quick t



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