Cooking: Chicken Corn Chowder

We’re cooking Chicken Corn Chowder with New England Country Soup.
on over to the kitchen.ch patrick, what have you got? >> i’m starving as s they like to say in thissa part of the worldth and peter thomson fro tm new england country soup is here to help cure that . good morning. or >> goo d morning,d patrick. how are you doing?in >> i’m doing>> g dreat. and i think i’m going to be doing better agfter i tryft your soup. this is corns chowder, a perfect recipe on a cold day, any day i think. in >> all of our ingredients are all natural andra what we’veha done is toto identify what goes into our chick eastbound corn chowder ho by what’s on thes counter, you can see, we’ve got celery, we’ve got red peppers. in fact, if you wouldyo throw that celery and red peppers, we’ll get there started. >> you know wha we’rnoe g oing to do in this show, we show them the ingredients and tease the people at home. we tease them.th we spread outou out all the ingredients an



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