Cooking: Chicken Alla Cacciatore

We’re cooking Chicken alla Cacciatore with Chef John Granata.
i’ll be doing all the work. chef john granata from camille’s, you know this guy, tv’s maitre d’, joe zito. i smell the garlic already. we’re making chicken cacciatore. things are starting to heat up. let’s begin it gentlemen. last segment, we prepped our chicken. >> you have the chicken in the oven. you want to roast the chicken first, it’s a summer method that’s a lot easier. basically in the morning when you get up, you want to make the sauce, throw the chicken in the oven about 45 minutes before the party gets there, throw it all together, you take the pardella. >> what are papardella, that’s not something you see every day. >> it’s a fettucionne on showed. >> and you use this special kind of tomato sauce. the whole thing is in italian so that means it’s good. >> they’re imported from italy. there’s a stamprom the area. which means they’re the real deal. they are not styled, they’re r



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