Cooking: Challah French Toast With Steak And Eggs

Cooking Challah french toast with steak and eggs with Chef Kevin DeLibero from Newport Restaurant Group.
fact, we’re smoking a little bit, so we’re going to throw on the fan hand this morning, we’re making a fantastic brunch with chef kevin. >> kevin delibero. >> a couple different items from our restaurant group. one from the waterman, one from 22 bowens. i’m going to get you started on the steak and eggs, seasoned, salt and pepper. >> lily, i need you to do just a little bit of clarified butter. that’s perfect. clarified butter is just separating the milk solids out of the butter. >> ok. it looks like you matched this up with the breakfast we love the most. >> couple eggs for me big guy. >> we’re going to throw them right on there. >> very nice. ok. >> perfect. >> and then we’re going to have you have come right in. >> dredge the challah bread. >> yes and we’re going to go right into the pan. do you want a fork for that? >> sure. >> and then we always change our brunch menus, due to the s



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