Cooking: Ceviche Mixto

We’re cooking Ceviche Mixto with Los Andes Restaurant.
from. >> from bolivia, restaurant. >> did you notice there’s no pots or pans. >> did you notice i’m wearing an apron. >> i was wondering, this is kind of like sushi. you’re making the raw — that is not the case. it turns opt, i was just told that the citrus actually cooks the fish. isn’t that right? >> definitely. >> so how does tt work, the city forest interacts with the fish and it will actually let you change colors? >> yes. start getting a little bit white and the thing with the cevecchi, you definite have to have it because of the texture andhe flavor. >> i was going to say, that looks healthier than the fish with all the stuff on it and i’m on a cholesterol lowering kick because of what the doctor ordered. >> look at that. perfect timing. so tell us how we’re going to make this. first ll, this is tilapia. >> diced tilapia. we’re going to start squeezing some lime until the fish is



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