Cooking: Carciofini Alla Giovanni

Cooking carciofini alla giovanni with Chef John Granata from Camilles.
the “the rhode show” kitchen. i’m trying something new. i never tried an artichoke, and john just gave me one. not bad. different texture than what i expected. are you all right, joe? >> it’s like we won the world series. >> now you know who’s here to my left of me, john, the executive chef over at camille’s up on the hill and then to his immediate left is joe zito, tv’s maitre d’. gentlemen, good morning, how are you? >> wonderful now. >> fantastic. first of all, before you do that, tell me about the artichoke itself. >> baby artichokes, which are pulled from the basic plant, rounded down to the heart, and they leave the stems on it for presentation’s sake. these are beautiful, beautiful products. basically what we did was we egg battered it, we wrapped it in prosciutto first, so we have this finished product. you’re going to make the sauce for it, extra virgin olive oil. ok. >> there y



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