Cooking: Cajun Pan Seared Scallops

We’re cooking Cajun Pan Seared Scallops in the kitchen with Top of the Bay Restaurant.
tc patrick, what’s on the menu today? >> let’s see, eecourtney. it doesn’t feel liitkesn summer out ou there right now,ri b nut one of the best ways to s ort of make it feel l ike it’s pretend summer sort of it to have seafood and d this morning, top of, the bay is with us this morning and they’re cooking up cajun seared scallops. good it see youyo kevin. >> thanks for having me again. n.>> top of the bay.>>e >> still s beautiful. no b each traffic today. y.come o n down ann d visit v us. >> plenty of parking.ki you told us last time you weree here, you could see harbor bo seals. >> on occasion. especially in the morning when en the tide is high, they come down and sit up on the seawall. ll it’s great down there. >> that is great. all right. so what is a lso great is the fact that you haveue scallops the size of little softballs. . >> yes. >> what are you cooking? >> sea scallops. the ba



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