Cooking: Cajun Chicken Pasta

Chef Jonathan Oriani from FIreside Cafe teaches The Rhode Show how to make cajun chicken pasta.
>> welcome back everybody. we are in the kitchen now on “the rhode show”. we’re with chef jonathan oriane. he’s from the fireside restaurant. fantastic. tell us what we’re cooking up. >> we’re cooking cajun chicken pasta. >> we asked them in the break, what was in the special spice and he looked at us and said nothing. >> you wouldn’t tell us. ok. that’s fine. because you want the real deal, you have to go to fireside, which is fair, but if somebody wants to make kind of a cajun spice, what can they use? >> there’s usually a basic salt, pepper, kayen pepper, different herbs and spices. >> and they have premixes. >> yes. you can go to the grocery store and get your own mix. >> tell us what you’re cooking up in the pan. >> salt, pepper, preplan muched button mushrooms and fire roasted peppers. >> we have the chicken, boneless chicken. it’s been pounded down. >> not too much. they’re not to



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