Cooking: Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

We’re cooking Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese in the kitchen with Chelo’s.
kitchen. patrick, what have you got inhaou there. >> we have chelo’s cooking with us this morning on “the rhode show.” buffalo chicken mac & cheese. you canu do a l dotot of stuff withtu mac & cheese, we’ve had lobster mac & cheese, but never this one.r >> this is a new one. we were playing arou wnd inpl the kitchen a littleki bitn and we sell el a lot of buffalo wings and a lot of mac & cheese and they came together one day, we liked it. >> we’re going to likeoio it, it, think. what goes into this. you have the tenders and whahet else? >> jonathan cambra we have nice chicke n breast, cavatappi pasta and fivean chees. a cheddar cheese, monterey jack,nt pepper jack, gorgonzola and parmesan. >> is this somehithing that’s now on the menu? >> it’s on its i menu for the winter, for a limited time. t >> is it popular so s far? >> very popular. >> m y kids k love mac & champ



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