Cooking: Brown Sugar Rubbed Shrimp

We cooked Brown Sugar Rubbed Shrimp with Chef Lawrence Brown of DeWolf Tavern.
islooking delicious an you’re taking part in world of flavors, an we actually — it’s not just you, because newport vineyards is one of the only places that’s going to be featuring — actually, it’s the wine trail,ight? it’s the wine trail that’s going to be featuring some of their wines notice world of flavor, so you get a nice little drink, a nice little taste of food. what are you going to be serving up? >> we’re going to do its brown suing hard and cumin rub shrimp with coconut and lentil sauce, so i’ll have you start on the lentil sauce. we have a large pan here with hot oil. what we’re going to do is take an sautee our onion. >> keep you away interest that. >> just throw it all in there. >> white on onion and olive oil. you like to hear that. >> garlic. >> garc. >> so it’s just chopped garlic, it’s knots minced. >> and thewe have three spices, three — >> let’s show them. >> we hav



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