Cooking: Brown Sugar Braised Pork Belly

We’re cooking Peach Nectar and Brown Sugar Braised Pork Belly with Broccoli Rabe and White Bean Ragout with Executive Chef Jarod Higgins of Pinnelli’s Gourmet Deli/CafĂ© at Night.
thecl kitchen is patrick. what’s going on in th ois. >> musically inclined? d? no, i played the trumpet when i et was a little guy and the only song i ever knew, was taps and i played it for my grandmother on her birthday. she wasn’t too excited about that. this is chef jarod higgins from thee pinelli’s gourmet deli. hutchinson row doing. >> i’m doing great. >> what do you have here today. >> it’s a big t hing that we’re doing tonight for the flower show. it’s for the taste of rhode island, we have a peach and brown sugar glazed pork belly and we’r e also doing a broccoli rabe and white bean ragout that goes with it. it’s a great combination, salty, sweet, a little garlicky, cheesy, you have theha whole nine yard >> we like cheesy, but only in the kitchen. >> what are the ingredients. >> down here, chopped plan muched broccoli rabe, chopped white onion, fresh garlic,li parmesan cheese, s



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