Cooking: Braised Littlenecks & Beans

We’re cooking Braised Littlenecks & Beans with Chef Giovanni Ricci of Wildfire Brick Oven Pizza & Bar.
but i try. the dogs start to howl when ii sing. wildfire restaurant here, rnorth he of providence on minerroal spring avenue, the chef right here, giovanni ricci, giovanni, how are you my friend? >> i’m fine. f >> great to meetome you. you’re going to make a lit ttletl bit ofbif a seafood dish but i see meat a s well. >> it’s a rustic dish but it brings in littlenecks, italian sausage, cannelinni beans and celery, onions and roasted garlic.ic >> tell us how thisus is set up. >> the onions andon sausage, wesa add littlenecks, white wines, chicken stock, let it simmer together. it’s like a stew at the end, very hearty, very warm.rt >> so everyth ing is going to be cooked in the pan? >> yes. >> going to cover the t pan, let it seem together. >> really. so the littlenecks and all the flavors fuse. >> they news together. ws >> does it go in the oven at all? >> no. in the pan. >> i c an’t imag



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