Cooking: Braised Beef Ribs

Cooking braised beef ribs with Chef Jonathan Cambria from Newport Restaurant Group.
the newport restaurant group. today, we are making braised short ribs and risotto. >> yes, we are. >> how are we going to start seasoning these guys. >> you could season them with a little bit of cracked black pepper and salt. >> a pinch on each. >> now of course at home, foxprovidence.com, you get all the ingredients, cook along with us. chef, give me an idea. is this something that’s a little difficult to cook or simple? >> it’s simple. it’s just a long cooking process. >> ok. >> because we have to do the braised with the tenderizing of the protein. it’s going to take two to three hours in a 350-degree oven to finish this product. >> give me an idea of how to do the braising. >> we’re going to start that right now. >> look how quick you are. >> we don’t need to be scared. >> don’t mess around. he has hundreds of people. >> we’ll add the ribs, you can add one. >> we have a little oil in



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