Cooking: Bengali Shrimp Curry

Cooking Bengali shrimp curry with Chef Sanjiv Dhar from Rasoi.
with us this morning. >> a lot of fray grant ingredients over here and lovely smells. when you were doing the — i don’t know what this is? it just opened up the flavor there. how are we going to start? i know we’ve already marinated the shrimp. we have it right here. >> we marinated and stir fried it. >> this was in salt? >> yes. we’ll heat up a little oil. vince what i would like to you do is this pesto, start pounding the spices. >> i like that you’re calling him vincent because that really shows me that you’re serious. >> i’m a little scared u because my mother when she called me vincent meant that she was angry. >> you can call me vince. >> we’ll see by the end of this meal — >> he may be angry. >> i’m very — you’re very forward. >> yes, i am. >> what i will like you to do now is drop if a bay leaf and cinnamon stick. >> here’s the thing, when i think cinnamon, i just drop it righ



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