Cooking: Beer Can Chicken

We’re cooking Beer Can Chicken with Ted’s Montana Grill.
raul, michael, ted’s montana grill in cranston. you guys have been here before. you’re known for the buffalo. >> yes. >> that’s not what we’re cookingg today. >> not today. >> no buffalo. >> something called beer can chicken. >> beer can chicken. >> i talk about maybe i had itt before, this is one ofis your most popular dishes. >> it is. >> tell us what it is.l wh >> we start off with fresh chicken and then what we use is a vertical roaster. >> when you say fresh chicken, you mean a wholewh chicken.. >> a whole>> chicken. en we use a vertical roaster toca as roast it in the oven, which infuses all the ingredients into the oven. . it’s actually very simple to cook at home. >> how so in you use a verticalti roaster? >> you just have to purchase one. we also carry one at the restaurant, we have a retaila r case where you’re camore than welcome to comeom in and purchase it. >> that’s great.



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