Cooking: Baked Stuffed Shrimp

Cooking baked stuffed shrimp with Chef Bill Smith from Twin Oaks.
and b with him is tv maitre d’ joe zito. if you’ve never beenne to twin oaks in cranston, it’s been there since before sam adams was around in 1776, that if you order baked s tuffed shrimp, you’re going to get shrimp — rickey, come on over here, would you please, p our photographer, look at the size of that.th that’s my hand. can you see. .that’s the size of my hand. >> man hands. >> and i d on’t have littleit hands. i don’t have huge paws, but i don’t have a little hand. this thing should have a name. we’re going togo name it vince. this is vince. gentlemen, goo d morning. >> good morning. >> hello, vince. nc great to be here.ea >> good to have youyo here. let’s start ont’ the shrimp here, bill. tell us what we’re going to start with. obviouslyob shrimp. >> make some stuffing, butter, garlic oil, parsley, ry tz cracker crumbs and bread crumbs. >> this is what’s all mixed in here. >> ye



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