Cooking: Backyard Barbecue, Fajita Burgers

We cooked Chicken Fajita Burgers and Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Gold’s Gym.
weather yard today and we’ll actually getting close to being done with the food. we have these, what, ground chicken burgers, right? >> chicken fajita burgers, so to make them a little more hot and spicey, they have hot sauce, chili powder and fresh cilantro chopped up in them. >> how long have we been cooking them for? >> 15 minutes. >> and you have a side of sweet potatoes right here. >> instead of using something fatty like regular potato salad, we have some roasted sweet potatoes and they’re very plain, they’re just chopped up, and — >> we’ll take that crunchy foil right out of there. >> i see a little pepper on that. >> salt, pepper and olive oil, so they don’t stick. >> they smell awesome, look great. these are pretty much done. we’ve done about 15 minutes on our chicken burgers here. you want to put one on one of the buns, we’ll bring it over to elizabeth. they can try one. aweso



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