Cooking: Asian Wraps

Making Asian wraps with Chef John from Pranzi Catering.
promised by chef john, this is going to be an explosion of taste in your mouth. >> ok. look at that. that’s a lot to live up to. how do you get started? >> all right. what we’re going to do, we made the rice, we’re going to add some of this. >> how much? >> you can add the whole thing. >> the purple rice, we’re only going to add a little bit. >> how much purple rice? >> take like half of that you want to add. just a little bit. >> now, this sticky rice — >> mix it together. >> add a little bit of sushi vinegar. just a drop. just a little extra flavor. now mix it all up. >> as he’s mixing that, this sushi rice, you can find it in grocery stores too, right? >> whole foods. you can can find it in grocery stores. a lot of them are carrying that line now, all those exotic lines. >> now, what are we going to mix into these wraps? >> it’s not sushi. it’s like a sushi, but it’s cooked, and it’s



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