Cooking: A Super Bowl Of Chili

We’re cooking a Super Bowl of Chili with Chef John Granata from Camille’s.
the kitc hen. patrick, what’s going on in interest. >> well, john and joe are herree this morning and good morning guys. >> goo morning. we have something for you. john and i kni tted yhnou this beautiful towel for the t baby. it’s a spitup towel. say the baby is colicky oric you’re watching one of my segments, but th is will save a lot of sports jackets. it’s not an afghan, it’s were we can do. >> thank you. a lot of thought went into this. in any event, you talk kabout a one hour delay in your kitchen, obviouslyou’ re kidding, the th comfort food, the chili and this th stuff is great. >> this is a super bowl of chili. >> anyway. >> got you. what differs thiswh t chili fromhi fr other chili, we usewe three different meats ins it, a ground dchuck which is beef,is we use pork stir loin, which i diced up, we have some hot italian sausage, we have two to three cans, 15-ounce cans of red unk



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