Cooking 9/18/17

We are in the kitchen with Oby’s.
wcbi >> the ligatures right you are able to resist artful fall in love with styles eastern tradition everyone with my walleyes friend is christine from oldies because the last couple of times and then you’re not been here i went to see again you are you all coming up a busy weekend and obs and i would be making boris today around were around the lesson went okay i so get us started out and we start out with the public. and we do ask switch to i is a lot of meat on the samurai and then we had to salami our greatest assault so i’m okay … lonnie and we had the court salon iso-two kinds of salami rice no physical damage or no it’s a little behind my and the pepperoni okay so i will cancel far on his and my poor the only thing you can do asme and we will cancel roast beef on top i and went it out with the italian salad okay … and there is some mayonnaise isd okay up something that only yo



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