Cooking 2: Molcajete Azteca

We cooked Molcajete Azteca with Don Jose Tequilas.
in 30 minutes with your poll results. for now, back in the kitchen with lily. >> we’re here with one of my favorite restaurants, don jose tequilas, and it’s just delicious food. >> thank you, elizabeth. >> i’m so glad that you’re here this morning. you goes actually won the world of flavors south of the border competition, right? >> we did. >> so tell me, what did you make to win the competition? what grabbed the hearst of these people who had so many options to choose. >> well, it was a great event. it was a challenge for us. tallahassee the first time we participated in such a big event. what we always do at the restaurant is something that we do on a daily basis. our great chef maria, she put together our homemade guacamole. we did full port which is very traditional in yucatan. we had a lot of people cheering for us, an they voted for us, so it made us look great. >> tell me what’s i



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