Cooking 1: Award Winning Crepes

We cooked Sweet Crepes with Chef Leslie Albuquerque.
live blog. at the end of the show i’ll have the results. >> for now, we’re heading in to the kitchen with vince. >> you won a big contest, world of flavors. did you go in there a little nervous because you were going to have some heavy hitters. >> i was a little nervous, but crepes, i’m pretty familiar with how to make them and it was a fun event. >> i don’t know if we get a shot of that, we probably can’t. hold that up. the shot of the word of flavor. there it is. >> this is your award. >> yes. >> and very well deserved from what i understand. you’re going to make a couple of crepes for us today. >> sure, i can do that. >> what kind of different crepes are you making for us? >> today, i brought what i won the competition with, which is nutella and strawberry crepes, and basically, the batter starts off with eggs, milk, flour, butter, a little bit of vanilla, sugar and salt and we’ll jus



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