Cooking 042909

Cooking 042909
it. you need it later to work out along with us. >> first, though, first things first. we are in the kitchen this morning with thunder bay grille. isn’t it always nice to get a compliment on something you make? >> absolutely. >> and the dish we are working on today gets complimented all the time. >> head chef mike sigler is back with a dish with a new orleans flair. good morning, mike. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> how are you doing ? >> doing real good. >> what are you making ? >> well, as you said we are making a taste of new orleans. we have it on the dinner menu, shrimp and crawfish seafood new orleans. and this is similar to what woo have it in louisiana. >> smothered. we take crawfish shrimp and smother it with rice. >> is it spicy. >> at home can you make it as spicy as you want. we don’t make it super spicy in the the restaurant because if you want it extra spicy c



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