Cooking 042809

Cooking 042809
wetland creatures. we will have frogs hopping around our studio. >> can’t wait for that. >> but first, did you know the titanic was not known just for the tragedy it was known for grandeur and prestige. >> one milwaukee restaurant is bringing those themes to life for you. >> patty is with the ambassador hotel and executive chef marcus located with envoy inside the hotel. they are the host for “the morning blend” throws a wedding personal dinner the night before the wedding. we are so excited to have you guys. >> it is great to be part of it. great to be here and tell you about it and bring food offered as well. ambassador is milwaukee’s premier art deco hotel. it is a gorgeous hotel from 1927 completely redone part of the historic hotels of america. it has wonderful ambience and what a wonderful way to host a dinner that’s one of the dinners that’s a historic dinner at a historic hotel.



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