Cookin With Carley

Cookin with CarleynnIce Cream Cake
>> all right! >> i’m excited. >> maybe you have plans to go to a barbecue today and you need a last-minute recipe i’m here to save you. it is so easy, you can do it bill. i will have you do a lot of it. i didn’t create this, my mother-in-law is where i had it. >> mr. lucky’s mom? >> yes. here’s the deal. ice cream cake made out of ice cream sandwiches. here is your job. we have to do this together. what’s good about this recipe is you can be as creative here. what we’re going to do – >> going to unwrap al of these? >> yeah, you have to be fast and hurry. we’re going to do all this. >> where do they go? in here? >> yep. we’ll do this way. >> your mother-in-law invented this? >> well, this might have ben a rachael ray recipe. i don’t know. but it is good. who doesn’t like ice cream? especially now here we are unofficial start of sumer. >> i eat ice cream sandwiches for lunch all the time.



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