Cookies & Milk And Pepperoni Pizza

We’re cooking Cookies and Milk and Pepperoni Pizza with Twist on Angell.
be good. >> thanks so much, court. let’s head over tot’ the t kitchen right now,t patrick is cooking ki with twist on angell. >> jeff and his daughter isabel are here this morning on “the rhode show.” good morning.od ni >> good morning.mo >> good morning. m she ha s halls her lines rehear sed, ready to go. we have — this must– be a family favori te, the pepperoni pizza and the chocolate milk — i’m i sorry, milky, and chocolate chip cookies. do you do this at home in. >> no. >> we do the pizza at home. >> we do the pizza at home. >> you see yourself on tv, that’s pretty tt cool,, wow, check me out, i’m on tv, t right? pretty cool. l. what’s in the ingredients of theof chocolate chipip cookies? >> baking soda and vanilla and sugar and browngad sugar and chocol ate chips andd butter. and flour, andan eggs,. >> what about theth pizza? >> bread sauce, and cheese, and pepperoni. and the she



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