Cookies For Connecticut Veterans

Kent Pierce reports from Newington
wtnh – dot – com for continuin g coverage of the rampage at fort hood. the shooting at fort hood has created a somber mood as the state and the nation prepares to honor it’s veterans on veterans day.in rocky hill… parade preparations for sunday are in full swing.ll news channel 8’s kent pierce is just back from is t rocky hill with that story.atry truly a bittersweet story. us ually this i s a fun n morning ng baking cookies for marchers in the veterans day parade. but with a soldier killing so g many comrades in texas, there some very serious things to think about as well. all these cookies care the delicious result of three days of baking in the kitchen of the state e veteran’s home in s i rocky hill. the first two are planning prep work…[randy thurlowchef] ((tc:52:50-:55)) “now today is the baking day and panning up, boxing up and getting ready to ship out.” the chef and his helpe



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