Cookie Gadgets

great holiday cookie cutter and gadgets
amy, those so much. >> thank you, laura, for letting us in. beautiful table. we’re the kitchen with one of my favorite gals, july julie from creative cake slies. you’ve busy. >> ‘tiz the season. >> and if you don’t know, julie’s store is a wonderful store in military avenue, construction is just about over there, pretty much. looking great. >> looks great. anything you need to do with baking, they have classes, you know, a stilllon different things. pans, you name it. frosting that’s already made. that’s a big seller. >> pans, if you need one of — every kind of pan available. >> parchment paper, all your baking needs. you come see us, we’re your local experts. >> and they’re nice people, too. and they’ll help you out. i had to make 12 dozen cupcakes one time. i was like how am i going to transport them? you had the boxes. you sell them all which is great. let’s talk about the fun stuff



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