Cookie Decorating

Cookie decorating
>> you can keep it simple. the first thing i always like to recommend to people is prepare your dough. at least a day in advance. >> why is that? >> it takes the stress away. completely. if you have your own cookie recipe and want to roll it out between two pieces of parchment paper and put — parchment paper and a put it in the freezer that’s great. or buy it in the supermarket and do the same thing. >> speaking of decorating, you have a few colors here. >> when you start to decorate the first thing you do is prepare royal icing, a combination of confectioner’s sugar and pasteurized egg white. i have it in two strengths. i have stiff and flood. the stiff is what we use to outline. in fact i think i’ll start doing it this way. >> you use a stiff to outline. >> yes. that’s really going to create a dam for the flood. >> okay. >> i’ll show you just how that’s going to come out. we always li



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