Cookbook With Canola

You may be making the switch because of dietary needs or maybe you just like the taste. As more and more of you make the switch to Canola oil, you may be needing some different ideas on how to use it-and a new cookbook is here to help. Sheri Coleman recently teamed up with Sheilah Kaufman to publish-Canola Gourmet: Time for an Oil Change. The 228 page book is filled with more than 200 recipes for you to make-and of course each and everyone requires the same ingredient-canola oil. Coleman says the oil has a nice flavor and works great for cooking. And a conversion chart is also included so you can use canola oil in your own recipes. Sheri Coleman / Author: So not only are these some of my recipes, these are recipes of my mothers and my grandmothers and I have taken out some of those bad saturated fats that maybe contain butter or shortening and I have removed those and put in heart-healthy canola oil. So not only are they very yummy, they are heart healthy for you and much better for your family.” Coleman says an Italian version of the book is being sold in Italy. But for folks here in North Dakota you can find the book at Barnes and Noble, or by doing a web search.



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