Cookbook Author Stephanie Ashcraft

Stephanie gives us advice on some great Super Bowl Sunday meals, including meatballs!
>>> well super bowl sunday is one of the biggest food days of the year. feing the fans in your house easy as pie. consider a slider bar. experts say stephanie ashcraft this is the best idea. stephanie, where do we start? >> this is definitely the hot thing to do for the big game day and you start with two main ingredients to pick up at your local sam’s club. they have meatballs there. six pack for 12.98. for this quality of a product no way i could make them for that price. the other item is byron’s pulled park barbecue. this barbecue is the best. hickory-smoked. hand-pulled and sweet and a bit of a kick. this is where we are starting. they are fully cooked. all you have to do is heat and serve them. >>> here we have the bar laid out for you. you can see on the screen. we are starting with those two ingredients. you have slider buns and put tons of different toppings out to make everybod



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