Cook Up A Taste Of Spain In Your Own Kitchen (part 2)

You can enjoy a taste of Spain at home by cooking up these recipes.
day at abc15.com under entertainment. >>> now that erunia restaurants chef aaron has got unus ready and — gotten us ready and we have been making shrimp this whole place smells like garlic. >> this is a 5 1/2 ounce fillet mignon. i’m going to spiral cut this. i spiral it out as i cut it. what’s going to happen is you’re going to get this really nice long, beautiful fillet now that’s easy to filet, easy to share, cooks quickly, so instead of having to wait 25 minutes while you grill your at that lei, this is a — filet this is a nice way to get it quicker. >> and you can wrap it up when you’re done? >> you definitely could. kind of gives you a look of a hanger steak or skirt steak but the tenderness and flavor of a filet mignon. i’ve got a hot pan over here, really hot pan. you can see it starting to smoke and turn and i’m going to drop the spiral cut filet in while i make the sauce for



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