Cook Up A Taste Of Spain In Your Own Kitchen (part 1)

You can enjoy a taste of Spain at home by cooking up these recipes.
in the kitchen, which is my favorite. there is a new restaurant in town that has a familiar chef in the kitchen, chef aaron may has opened up erunia and he’s here and going to share a couple of recipes with us. welcome to “sonoran living” again. >> thank you very much. >> how many restaurants is this for you now? >> six. >> six. and what’s your favorite thing to cook? this has a spanish flare to it, right? >> yeah, and i love to cook the spanish food, the flavors of the food of mediterranean and spain are something i love. i like the creativity that i get to express at all the restaurants. >> you’ve got breakfast in there and hamburgers. what are we cooking today? >> start out by making a real traditional sort of shrimp and garlic dish and we put a little scottsdale spin on it and it’s really nice refreshing, something i like to eat in the summer. >> let’s get started. i can’t wait to he



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